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Developing an Aged School Site into a Creative Campus

This Project

This Project is Redeveloping an Aged School Site into a Creative Campus Through a Proven Formula of Economic Improvement Strategies

Our Principles

Preserves Our Sense of Place While Charting Our Course for the Future

  • Develops a “Gateway to the Historic District”— as determined by community input.
  • Expands the Main Street Eureka Springs boundaries and becomes central to its revitalization initiatives.
  • Sustains a usage plan engaging community teens in after school and recreational programming, access to education classes, and small business opportunities.
  • Partners with the Eureka Springs School District in creating after school programming for our youngest residents.
  • Addresses attrition in population by improving quality of life for all ages through development of community center and community trails hub.

Supporting Local Food Sourcing and Outdoor Programming

  • Year-round support of the Eureka Springs Farmers Market.
  • Multi-use outdoor events space for farmers markets, concerts, soccer, exhibitions, and more.
  • Free Food Pantry on site.
  • Partnering with the Eureka Springs Parks and Recreation Commission at the Community Center Greenhouse to offer programs and opportunities benefiting area residents.

Primary Trail Hub to the Eureka Springs Trail System (and potentially as part of the Regional)

  • With its location near the main entrance/exit to downtown and at the halfway point between Harmon Park and Black Bass Lake, the site is being designated as the primary trail hub for the system. It will be developed to include enhanced green space, adequate parking and a hiking and mountain biking holding area.
  • As school buses cannot legally operate on the Historic Loop, the site will serve as the primary pickup school bus stop for students living in the Historic District.

Working with Youth, Partnership with Community Organizations

  • Eureka Springs Community Center Foundation works with area partners to bring outdoor and indoor recreation to our youngest members.
  • The Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library will create a book return at the site.
  • Through programming and education, the Community Center has created partnerships with other local organizations including the Eureka Springs School District, the Eureka Springs School of the Arts, and the Good Shepherd Humane Society to stimulate arts, culture and community interest through youth programming, adult education, and public events.

Cornerstone for Economic Development

  • The Community Center Foundation Board has developed a 13,000 sq. ft. Class A office space complex with 9 rental (income producing) areas in the Community Center.
  • The project will allow for an additional 21,000 sq. ft. of expanded meeting and event space.
  • The Community Center will stimulate outdoor experiences by adding a splash pad, walking trail, and outdoor events.

Example of Environmental Sensitivity

  • This project removed a troubled building with environmental concerns (asbestos) in January 2017.
  • The Community Center Foundation Board will bring greater awareness of the outdoor space through the soccer field, Bocce Ball courts, picnic tables, and paved walking trail.

On Our Purpose and Goals

Creating a sense of belonging, strengthening community ties, and mapping the path to sustainability, board members reflect on the work of the Community Center Foundation.

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