Campus Development
One Phase at a Time

Converting a former high school into a vibrant community campus

View of the exterior - gym side entrance

Development Phases

We reached our Phase One funding goal of $400,000 in February 2018.

The Eureka Springs Community Center Foundation will continue to seek community involvement with all of the major components of this project. Because this dialogue between the Foundation, area residents, the business community, and many others is ongoing, these phases and their construction components and costs are constantly evolving.

There are currently four phases listed below.

The project will move to completion as each fundraising goal is met.

PHASE ONE – Funding Needed: $400,000
Phase One completed!

ENTER LEASE with the Eureka Springs School District

Community Center Building

  • Address roof problems and repair roof in lobby
  • Address mold issues in gym and restrooms
  • Renovate and open lobby restrooms
  • Update fire alarm system
  • Install security cameras

Old High School Building

  • Demolish structurally unsound structure in preparation for Open Air Pavilion

Eureka Springs Trails System

  • Begin planning of perimeter walking trail

PHASE TWO – Funding Needed: $400,000 - $600,000
Phase Two is in Process

Community Center Campus

  • Redesign parking lot
  • Signage for all buildings

Community Center Building

  • Renovate and equip Fitness Center – completed
  • Paint gym
  • Repair flooring throughout
  • HVAC upgrades
  • Replace windows throughout
  • Repair/replace roof over former Band Room – completed
  • Renovate two meetings room and large activity room in former school band room
  • Design barrier-free access to entire building
  • Landscape area around building

Open Air Pavilion

  • Design Open Air Pavilion structure - in process
  • Seek funding to build permanent structure for Community Center classes, the weekly Eureka Springs Farmers Market and other organizations and individuals

Business Center

  • Finalize design and renovate Business Center – completed
  • Landscape area around building
  • Lease office space - in process of filling all office spaces

Eureka Springs Trails System

  • Complete work on Community Center Trail and add upgrades including construction of Trail Hub structure

Check out a few before and after photos from Phase 2

Business Center Before Phase 2 Business Center After
Community Center Roof Before Phase 2 Community Center Roof After
Former Band Room Before Former Band Room

PHASE THREE – Funding Needed: $200,000-$400,000
Future Development

Community Center Activity Building

  • Complete all work on building

Splash Pad

  • Design approval, site preparation and complete construction

PHASE FOUR – Funding Needed: $300,000

Phase Four Completed!


Thanks to the generosity and foresight of the Eureka Springs School District, the Eureka Springs Community Center Foundation Board now owns the old high school property. We are so incredibly grateful.


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