It All Starts with a Backhoe


October 2020

Trail 2, dump truck

It all starts with a backhoe...

Add some jackhammering, gravel, many yards of concrete and a whole lot of hard work and the community gets a brand-new walking trail - the Eureka Springs Community Center Trail.

Plans for the trail started some time ago when the Equity Bank donated $15,000 towards a trail around the periphery of the Community Center Campus. More funds were raised locally and delays happened, but now the trail project is on sure footing and will be done by mid-October.

Fitness Trail Route

This quarter mile trail is hard surfaced – except for a few yards of gravel – and level, a rarity in our hilly Eureka Springs. The trail footprint is just the beginning in the development of this great outdoor experience. Our budget can’t cover some trail essentials. Please visit our Wish List to see what else is in store for our trail development. We could use your help.

We thank Equity Bank for launching this project and for the continued support our community has given to make this important feature of the Community Center happen.

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